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“I can’t recommend Lana enough, as a yoga teacher as well as a skilled yoga therapy expert. Her teachings are an excellent way to discover yourself more, with tools than anyone can integrate into their yoga practice and every-day life. Recommended for yoga students and yoga teachers”


What is yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga practice for therapeutic purposes and to prevent health issues. Yoga in itself was originally developed as a contemplative practice with the aim of self-realization, not as a treatment approach. However, all aspects of yoga contribute to a healthy lifestyle and healthy psychological functioning. Growing evidence shows that yoga is effective in preventing and curing a range of physical and mental problems. Therefore, integrating yoga with modern medicine is highly beneficial as a clinical intervention.

Do you want to learn more about yoga therapy?

Why yoga therapy?

Increasing evidence shows that yoga (therapy) is an effective approach for improving health and wellbeing. Moreover, yoga can be a useful add-on treatment and even a preventive strategy for mental health issues. .

Yoga may help you to:

  • develop a healthy lifestyle
  • cope with chronic stress
  • listen to your body
  • connect with your emotions
  • be more kind to yourself

Do you want to know how yoga therapy can help you? Or do you have any personal questions? Feel free to contact me. If you send me a message with your name, e-mail address and phone number I will provide further information.

Who can benefit from yoga therapy?

In general, yoga therapy is suitable for anyone seeking more balance, health and wellbeing in their life.

In addition, yoga therapy is effective in the treatment of both physical and mental health issues, such as:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Stress or burn-out
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Chronic pain

Do you want to learn more about yoga therapy?


“Personally, I got in touch with yoga as a teenager. It started as a way of physical movement that helped me to connect with my own body, with more kindness and awareness than I used to do. On my way, I noticed that yoga also had a deepening effect at the mental level. I learned even more about yoga philosophy when I traveled in India and Nepal – a whole new world opened up for me. Yoga became more and more intertwined with my life. It is a lifestyle that helps me to keep learning every day.

As a yoga teacher and psychologist, I am further specializing in yoga therapy. Yoga therapy is a multi-faceted approach to health and wellbeing. I am very passionate about this field, integrating different perspectives from ancient yoga philosophy and modern science. 

I studied clinical and neuropsychology at Utrecht University, and completed my yoga teacher training at Arhanta Yoga in India. I started my career doing research into brain-based therapeutic techniques for mental health, but soon discovered my heart lies in working with the people themselves. I then continued my path as a psychologist in mental health care, where I am still working with a broad range of psychological problems. In addition, I am teaching regular yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions. My expertise lies in yoga therapy for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma-related issues.”

LANA DONSE can also be found on www.yogatherapeut-info.nl

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